C4M: Computing for Medicine Workshops — 2017


Welcome to the webpage for the 2017 Computing for Medicine workshops.

Course Staff

[Jennifer Campbell]
Jennifer Campbell
Jen is an Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream in the Department of Computer Science. This is Jen's second year teaching C4M. Along with the guest speakers, she created most of the Phase 3 projects. [Michelle Craig]
Michelle Craig
Michelle is an Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream in the Department of Computer Science. With Marcus Law and Michael Guerzhoy, Michelle initially developed the C4M program.
[Michelle Arkhangorodsky]
Michelle Arkhangorodsky
(teaching assistant)
Michelle is a MScAC candidate in her first year, and is passionate about integrating computing with clinical medicine. She recently completed her undergrad at UofT, double majoring in physiology and computer science. She has previously worked at the MaRS Institute as part of Princess Margaret Hospital's Guided Therapeutics (GTx) team, where she developed augmented reality applications for surgical guidance and navigation. [Daniel Eftekhari]
Daniel Eftekhari
(teaching assistant)
An avid machine learning & data science researcher/practitioner with a passion for its applications in medicine, finance and language understanding. My research involves the automatic segmentation of lesional brain tissue on neuroimaging modalities, and combining this with clinical data to diagnose patients. Working towards these goals, I use Python, among other scientific computing languages, extensively.
[Fupan Yao]
Fupan Yao
(teaching assistant)
Fupan is a first year MSc candidate with Medical Biophysics. His research involves applied machine learning and the integration of multiple sources of next generation sequencing datatypes. He previously worked at SickKids, building a machine learning platform to subtype patients using methylation data in collaboration with Children's Oncology Group. [Joel Gamble ]
Joel Gamble
(peer mentor)
Joel is a 2T0 at University of Toronto Medical School. Since his undergrad, he has worked as a developer on a team designing an electronic medical record system. He thoroughly enjoyed the C4M course last year and is excited to return as a peer mentor
[Heta Joshi]
Heta Joshi
(peer mentor)
Heta is a first year medical student who is interested in integrating the fields medicine, computer science, and research into her career. She recently completed her undergraduate degree at McMaster University majoring in Biochemistry. She has past experience in a variety of different languages including Java, Python, and C++. [Vinyas Harish]
Vinyas Harish
(peer mentor)
Vinyas is a first year MD/PhD student who is passionate about the growing connection between computer science and medicine. He has recently completed his undergraduate degree in Biomedical Computing at Queen's University. Vinyas intends to pursue a doctoral thesis examining the applications of machine learning in epidemiology and is excited to support his peers in the C4M course!


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