Computing For Medicine: Course Software

Installation instructions for working on your own computer

This page has information about software that we will use for Computing For Medicine (C4M).

Python 2 is not compatible. You must work with Python 3. (If you are curious what the difference is, feel free to explore What’s New In Python 3.0.)

Here are instructions for what to do.

  1. Download and install Python 3: (The lectures will be using Python 3.5.2, and we suggest you install the same version. Please do not install Python 2: you need a version of Python 3.)
    • Windows users: choose the "Windows x86 executable installer" from the downloads page.
    • Mac users: choose the "Mac OS X 64-bit/32-bit installer" from the downloads page.
    • Linux users: use your package manager to install Python 3.
  2. Download and install Wing IDE 101, the editing environment we will use in the computer labs and in lecture:
  3. Run Wing IDE 101. If you see "Python 3 ..." in the Python Shell tab, great! If you see anything else, you'll need to configure it to use Python 3. To do this, select Edit->Configure Python and type "python3" in the "Python Executable" box. Click on the Custom button.
  4. Set Wing IDE 101 to be the default program to open .py files. (This means that when you double-click on a .py file, it will open in Wing instead of IDLE.)
    • 1. Download and save this file. Make sure you remember which folder it is saved to!
    • 2. (Windows users): Click on Start, then click on or search for 'Default Programs'. Next, click on 'Associate a file type or protocol with a program', select '.py' files, and click 'Change Program'. Select Wing101, or click 'Other Programs' and browse for it, then select it. Click 'OK'. NOTE: These instructions are for Windows 7, but are likely similar for other versions of Windows.
    • 2. (Mac users): Use Finder to navigate to the folder where you saved in the previous step. Press the Control key and click on Select 'Get Info', then expand the 'Open with' section. In the dropdown, select '', click 'Change All...', and then 'Continue'.
    • 3. Double click on to confirm it opens in Wing101. Click the green Run button. Enter your name when prompted. If you see a message that you are ready to go, then you are!

Python Versions and Documentation

There are also a number of versions of Python 3. The most recent version is 3.5.2, however you will see a different version in the videos and perhaps in the lectures. If you happen to install 3.5.2, you will notice that there are some small differences between your version and what you see in lecture and in the videos. This is OK, as long as you are using Python 3, not Python 2.

There is extensive Python documentation; you can use it online or click the first link to download the documentation to your own computer. (Please do not download it to your Teaching Labs account; use the online version instead.)